Paranoya 2021

Hey folks!
We know it’s a bit on short notice but we are in the process of organizing Paranoya Fest this year. It’s going to take place from 27th to 28th of August 2021, same venue as the years before. We’re super thrilled about it!! Due to the current situation there will be some changes which we’ll going to tell you more about the next week! First bands are booked!

Stay tuned!
xoxo, paranoya-crew

Paranoya 2020 cancelled

Dear all,
unfortunately we don’t have any good news. Due to the current situation we decided to cancel this year’s Paranoya edition in August.
There may be a winter edition but we still don’t know yet if this is going to happen or not.
Otherwise we definitely will postpone it to next 2021, last weekend of August, with the same line-up we already had for this year.
Furthermore we had the idea to create a festival tape sampler with all the bands that would have been played this year. We’re still working on it and hope that it can be released soon!

Stay tuned and take care,

Paranoya 2020

Next episode is happening from 21st to 22nd of august (one week earlier than usual!!)
First bands are already confirmed.

Stay tuned!
xoxo, paranoya-crew

Support for Rozbrat

Like the years before we are going to take a part of the entrance fee to support people and/or structures which may need financial help. This year we want to support Rozbrat- an anarchist squatted space in Poland.

„Rozbrat is located in the western Poland city of Poznan. The property was squatted in 1994 and since then it became an alternative politics and cultural centre. It also serves as a home for over 20 people, and is both temporary and permanent shelter for homeless people.

The principal idea behind the space is grassroots organising and self-governing. It is a home to the local Anarchist Federation branch and Food not Bombs among others. The activists involved in Rozbrat have been very much part of the local and beyond projects, including Anarchist Black Cross, the Free Caucasus Committee and Workers Initiative Trade Union. […]

Rozbrat has been a home to several generations of activists who have played critical roles during many social mobilisations and debates on social issues. The activists from Rozbrat and the Poznan Anarchist Federation have actively defended the most excluded inhabitants of the city, by supporting and initiating dozens of labour, tenant and environmental protests. It was also them who co-funded the regional tenants’ association and brought the issue of illegal displacements to public light by organising eviction blockades and making it nearly impossible to render homeless the city’s sick, disabled, seniors and parents with children. […]“

Link to full article

next edition 2019

Upcoming Paranoya is taking place from the 30th to 31st of august- same venue as last time.
Booking is starting slowly and we hope we can announce the first bands soon.

See you!
xoxo, paranoya-crew

Support for KLINIKA in Prague

Wie jedes Jahr wollen wir einen Teil vom Eintrittsgeld an Gruppen, Projekte, … spenden, um diese zu unterstützen. Dieses Jahr unterstützt ihr mit eurem Eintrittsgeld die “KLINIKA” in Prag.
Das Gebäude der ehemaligen Lungenklinik (daher der Name “Klinika”) im Bezirk Žižkov wurde am 29. November 2014 von einer Gruppe von Hausbesetzer*innen und Aktivist*innen übernommen, um ein “Autonomes, kulturelles und soziales Zentrum” zu öffnen. Nach nur 10 Tagen wurde das Gebäude von der Polizei gewaltsam geräumt. Dennoch wurde die “Klinika” wieder besetzt und viele Veranstaltungen, Demonstrationen und andere politischen Aktionen organisiert. Aktuell hat der Oberste Gerichtshof beschlossen, die derzeitige Räumung der Klinika zu verschieben, bevor er über die Berufung entscheidet, die mindestens mehrere Monate dauern wird.
Trotz des politischen Drucks setzen die Aktivist*innen den Kampf für einen Ort fort, an dem alle gleich behandelt werden, für einen Ort, an dem die Alternative Kultur unterdrückte Minderheiten stärkt, für einen Ort, der außerhalb der kapitalistischen Logik des Profits und der Ausbeutung existiert. Jeder einzelne Tag in der Klinika zeigt, dass eine andere Welt möglich ist! Auch Prag benötigt ein nichtkommerzielles soziokulturelles Zentrum, einen Raum für kulturelle Veranstaltungen, politische Vorträge und Workshops, Gemeinschaftsgartenarbeit, Kochen, Bibliothek etc. und auch einen Ort, um marginalisierte Gruppen von Menschen (insbesondere Menschen ohne Zuhause) zu unterstützen, die in Notsituationen am Rande der Gesellschaft leben! Mit der “Klinika” hat es einen solchen emanzipatorischen Raum – The struggle goes on!

Für mehr Infos:

Like last year we wanna take a part of the entrance fee to support people and/or structures which may need financial help. This time we’re going to donate the money to the project “KLINIKA” in Prague.
The building of the former lung clinic (that’s why the name “KLINIKA”) in Žižkov district was taken over by a group of squatters and activists on 29th of November 2014 in order to create the “Autonomous cultural and social centre Klinika“. After only 10 days the building was violently evicted by the police.
Nevertheless “KLINIKA” got squatted again and a lot of events, demonstrations and other political actions were organized. For now the Supreme Court decided to postpone the current vacation.
Despite of the political pressure, the activists continue to fight for a place where everybody is treated equally, for a place where the alternative culture strengthens suppressed minorities, for a place that exists outside the capitalist logic of profit and exploitation.
Every single day at KLINIKA shows that another world is possible! Even Prague needs a non-commercial sociocultural centre, a place for cultural events, political lectures and workshops, “community gardening”, cooking, a library etc.
And also a place to support marginalized groups of human beings (especially those without a home) who are living in emergency on the edge of society. With KLINIKA Prague got its own emancipatory room – the struggle goes on!

More information: