ABC Belarus

This year we support the “International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners”. People from ABC Belarus will give a lecture about this in the course of our festival. A part of the admission price will be a contribution for them.

Here the announcement text:

The representatives of Anarchist Black Cross Belarus is going to talk
about the political and economical situation inside of Belarus.
Introduce you to the anarchist movement inside the country and the
repression movement is facing from the government. We will also mention
all the comrades who are now in prison and their stories in short.

During this presentation you will be able to figure out a bit more about
Belarus itself and about activity of anarchist movement in the state of
constant repressions. There will be a small overview of current ABC
activity and our own conclusions we made after almost 5 years of our

There will be possibility to donate to support anarchist movement in
Belarus at the meeting. You will be also able to buy some merchandize
from ABC.

Duration (with translation 2 hours/ without in English 1 hour)

Here you can find mor detailed information (rus/eng):