Soli purposes 2023

Progetto 20K

We are Progetto 20K, a political, horizontal and self-managed collective that since 2016 has been fighting, between Italy and France, against the system of racist, capitalist and patriarchal violences embodied by the border device occupying the territory of Ventimiglia. Here, the border between those who enjoy systemic rights and privileges and those who are excluded from them goes beyond geography:

It is the expression of those logics of profit-at all-costs that come into being as securitarian practices, pushbacks, gender-based violences, abuse, arbitrary detentions, deportations and repression. This is what we choose to stand against. We oppose global contradictions by resisting them in the local dimension where they born. We move through the streets of the city, in all those places that remain on the margins of its citizens’ gaze, to re-signify them as spaces of mutual care, solidarity and struggle. We support the self-determination of people on the move through the exchange of knowledge, material and immaterial support away from humanitarian assistance logics, and shared practices of resistance to border repression.

We fight for a world without borders, without chains, and without masters. A world where freedom of movement is guaranteed to people before things and where everyone can pursue self-fulfillment. To do this we need the active participation of those who share our struggles. Inform yourself, take part, support us!

Dunya Collective

We are an independent and non-commercial collective. We create access to political and social topics through journalism which we combine with graphic works. We produce videoreports as well as analytical articles.

One of our current projects quickly summarized:

Research Project “Climate Change – War – Flight” in North-East Syria (NES)

This is a two-month research project in the region of the Autonomous Administration NES, organized by ourselves and completely independent. The project will be realized in two stages. A first trip in July and a second, if possible, in September.

Climate change is clearly making tangible progress in the region. More and more regions are affected by desertification, water shortages and crop failures. In addition, the difficult border situation with Northern Iraq and Turkey is putting a strain on the area.
In the future, parts of Syria threaten to become uninhabitable. By then at the latest, millions of people will be forced to flee, and we will also feel the repercussions of the military and climatic devastation in immediate European politics.

In the web of ecological catastrophe, political power games, geostrategic considerations and war, we want to go in search of clues about the “big picture” in the Fragment. We want to talk to the people on the ground, collect information and stories about and from them in order to embed them in a larger framework in the follow-up research. Already in the first part of the trip we are planning various smaller publications via our social media channels and in cooperation with other media like, unicornriot or Analyse und Kritik. The goal is to create awareness about the situation on the ground, to sketch the everyday life of the people and to work out a counterstatement to the stereotypical portrayal of the region. Of course, events on the topic will then also take place in Dresden and we are always ready for lectures, inputs, public discussions.